Our partners

We partner with these amazing NGOs in Calais.

Since 2015 RCK have served nutritious food without judgement to those fleeing war, poverty, persecution and climate change living in Calais.

The Woodyard project cuts and distributes wood to displaced people at informal settlements in Calais. Faced with extremely difficult living conditions, the Woodyard distributes up to 7 tonnes of wood per week.

A holistic support for migrant women and families living in informal outdoor settlements in Calais and Dunkirk and in accommodation centres in surrounding areas.

Supporting displaced people in Calais and Dunkirk with cooking ingredients, such as rice, onions, beans, and fresh veg, as well equipment to cook with and water.

Care4Calais is a volunteer run mass distribution charity delivering essential aid and support to refugees living in Northern France and the UK. 

Project Play is a grassroots organisation that works with displaced children in Northern France. We believe that all children have the right to play.

Distribute clothes, bedding and shelter to people living as refugees and sleeping outside in Calais. In often freezing conditions, they hold year-round distributions of tents, blankets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, and warm and dry clothing.

Roots provide drinking water, showering solutions & portable personal power banks so that refugees can keep their phones charged. They also provide USB heating pads during the winter to prevent the onset of hypothermia during these bitterly cold winter nights.

Mobile Refugee Support provides a variety of services and equipment in order to enable more bearable living conditions. Additionally, they provide communication support, including daily services of access to power and WiFi for up to 500 people at a time.

First Aid Support Team are a volunteer group of healthcare professionals providing medical aid to refugees with dignity and respect.

Working with refugees and displaced people in Calais and Northern France, providing food and material assistance, support and advocacy. Providing emergency material aid, but also to fight to promote the dignity of people in exile.

Human Rights Observers (HRO) aim to document and denounce the State violence perpetrated against displaced people in Calais and Dunkirk, collecting and analysing data of police operations for use in legal cases and advocacy work.

This collective platform serves to amplify the plurality of needs displaced people in Calais face, and the huge funding challenges since Choose Love left.

Channel Info Project is a small grassroots organisation operating on the UK border, in Northern France. Dedicated to supporting refugees on the move, or who have just arrived in Northern France, with up-to-date practical, accessible information and assistance, access to the internet and phone charging.

No Border Medics provide primary health care, treating all kinds of symptoms and diseases. They consist of a team of one coordinator and three to four medical volunteers on the ground.

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All donated funds are directed to the grassroots charities on the ground helping refugees in Calais and used for the most urgent requirements and those most desperately in need. If you would rather purchase an item of need please go to our shop and see exactly where you money goes.


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