WE ARE A volunteering AND FUNDRAISING community, SUPPORTING refugeeS in Calais AND DUNKIRK

We believe that everyone deserves the support of a community. That's why we organise volunteering trips for the people of Bath & Bristol to support grassroot refugee charities in Calais.

Our mission is to make it easy for people to donate their time to the people who need it most. To offer our friendship, support and aid to refugees from war, horror and oppression.

we're breaking down the barriers to volunteering.

We organise regular trips for volunteers from Bath & Bristol to travel to Calais and work directly with the charities on the ground. We make it easy for local people to take tangible action and support the refugees for a day, weekend or week. That we can all help build a stronger, more accessible global community.

be part of the difference By joining our community.

The charities who will benefit from your generous donations are those that do not receive government funding or aid and are losing vital support following the extraction of Choose Love from Calais and the tragic crisis unfolding in the Ukraine


They are not a faceless headline, they are people.  Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and friends.

By engaging the public directly in the refugee situation, we believe we can spread awareness, understanding and hope. And that by encouraging more people to be involved, we can raise the voices of displaced people and empower change for good.

We urgently need your skills, knowledge and expertise.

Whether its plumbing or sewing, cooking or fundraising we want to connect you to the people helping on the ground. Just drop us an email and let us know what you can offer, and we will do our very best to make sure your skills help those who need it most.

join us on one of
our volunteer trips
to calais

If you can spare a weekend and the cost of the trip then we will organise everything else to get you to Calais, so you can see for yourself the importance of direct support and giving and the difference you can make.

donate some funds
to support us in our
vital work

All donated funds are directed to the grassroots charities on the ground helping refugees in Calais and used for the most urgent requirements and those most desperately in need. If you would rather purchase an item of need please go to our shop and see exactly where you money goes.


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