Can a weekend make a difference?

I've always wanted to help, I just didn't know how.

Having come from a family who travelled from abroad to settle in the UK, I've always had a sense of responsibility to support others seeking the same safety and opportunity that my family were able to have.

I was lucky enough to come across the volunteers at RefYouMe who have found a way to easily support both the grassroots charities on the ground in Calais and refugees directly.

I've now been a few times, and each experience is both more heartbreaking and also richer than the last. The more of an understanding I have developed about the people, the needs of the charities, the more I have been able to connect and channel help in the right direction.

People often ask me, "Is a weekend even worth it?" and my answer is ALWAYS yes. The refugees in Calais have been abandoned by state, they have no means to support themselves and have often experienced the worst of humanity.

If you can be there and give just a little kindness, a little warmth, respect and hope. In the form of a coffee, a conversation or even a cuddle.

When you see that young person's face smile for a moment, you know that anything is better than not helping.

And if not us, then who? It's always worth it.

If not us, then who?

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join us on one of
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to calais

If you can spare a weekend and the cost of the trip then we will organise everything else to get you to Calais, so you can see for yourself the importance of direct support and giving and the difference you can make.

donate some funds
to support us in our
vital work

All donated funds are directed to the grassroots charities on the ground helping refugees in Calais and used for the most urgent requirements and those most desperately in need. If you would rather purchase an item of need please go to our shop and see exactly where you money goes.