Bonded through the experience

We are all human.

Being involved in the refugee volunteer programme in Calais has taught me a lot. It gave me a first-hand opportunity to experience and see the situation in Calais for myself. I was both moved and inspired by the people I met.

Listening to their stories, playing football, sharing food together  - it was a great reminder that we are all human - something I personally felt got lost in all the noise of news stories and external influences.

I also really enjoyed the experience of being with the other volunteers - we were a mixed group, different in age, gender, backgrounds -  strangers brought together with the same goal, to volunteer.

We genuinely bonded through the experience - sharing laughter and tears. The friendships I formed over that short weekend - will stay with me, and we are already planning our next trip out.

We genuinely bonded through the experience.

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If you can spare a weekend and the cost of the trip then we will organise everything else to get you to Calais, so you can see for yourself the importance of direct support and giving and the difference you can make.

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All donated funds are directed to the grassroots charities on the ground helping refugees in Calais and used for the most urgent requirements and those most desperately in need. If you would rather purchase an item of need please go to our shop and see exactly where you money goes.